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Image by Kilian Seiler

Telescopic lifting tower. The ELV series features a leg system that adapts to any surface through its adjusting tensioner, allowing the leg to be installed at the desired angle and supported on any element. Its new tilting plates allow for complete support and ensure total stability.


Uses: Ideal for indoor events. Its adjustable leg system allows us to securely install the tower in any venue.



  • Made of steel.
  • Available color: Black.
  • Adaptable to any surface.



  • Maximum height: 5,30m

    Height folded: 1,82m

    Maximum load: 230kg

    Minimum charge: 25kg

    Workspace: 1,53 x 1,53m

    Closed base area: 0,49 x 0,49m

    Weight: 88kg

    Winch: AL-KO 900 Compact 900kg

    Cable: Galvanized steel under EN 12385-4.

    Maximum cable load: 2.870kg

    Cable twisting resistance : 1.770N/mm²

    Cable diameter: 6mm

    Cable composition: 7x19+0

    Security system: External trigger in sections

    Leg attachment: Safety pins

    Bubble level: to vertically adjust the tower.

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