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Image by Kilian Seiler

NEW! The tower with the most load capacity: 500kg.


Super frontal loading lifting tower. HERCULES Series, powerful and easy to use.


Uses: For lifting line array systemstrussing or LED screens.


- All HERCULES towers lift the load from the floor and are height adjustable.
- Made of aluminium. 
- Available colour: Black.


  • Maximum height: 21,3 Ft (6,50m)

    Height folded: 5.5 Ft (1,69m)

    Maximum load:  1102 Lbs (500kg)

    Minimum charge: 55 Lbs (25kg)

    Material: Aluminum alloy AL Si 6106 / T6

    Workspace: 2,22 x 2,07m

    Closed base area: 0,52 x 0,62m

    Weight: 436 Lbs (198kg)

    Winch: AL-KO Type OPTIMA 1150kg

    Cable: Galvanized steel under EN 12385-4.

    Maximum cable load: 2.870kg

    Cable twisting resistance : 1.770N/mm²

    Cable diameter: 6mm

    Cable composition: 7x19+0

    Security system: Inner pendulum and external trigger in sections.

    Leg attachment: Safety pins

    Bubble level: to vertically adjust the tower.

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