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Image by Kilian Seiler

Technical Specification 



Light source: OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 371 W
Expected average lifetime: 1500 hours
Zoom range: BEAM 0° - 2.5° / SPOT 3° - 43° / WASH 4° - 45°
Focus: High-precision glass lenses, electronic linear HD focus
Prism: 1 pc tip 16-facet prism, 1 pc symmetry facet prism, prims can be controlled independently, or can be combined to make abundant beam effects
Frost: 1-independent frost effect
Ballast: Electronic
Total output (Lumen): 13090 lm wide/12550 lm narrow
Color temperature: 7500K
CRI: ≥80

Rotating gobo: 8 interchangeable gobos + open, indexing, CW/CCW rotation, variable speed
Static gobo wheel: 6 gobos + open, CW/CCW rotation, variable speed
Gobo outside diameter: 14.4 mm
Max. Image diameter: 6 mm
Max. Thickness: 0.5 mm(Metal)
Glass/Metal gobo: Metal

Color wheel: 2 Colors wheel, 8 colors, split color and linear color shifing
CMY: CMY linear infinity color mixing, with built-in macros
CTO: CTO linear color temperature adjusting, 7500K~2700K

Power input, nominal: AC 200-240V 50/60Hz
Max. Power consumption: 503.1W
Power supply unit : Auto-ranging electronic SMPS
Main fuse: 250V/10A

Control and programming
Control channels (DMX): 24/23/32
Protocol: DMX-512 RDM
Display: Graphic LCD backlit
16-bit control: Dimmer, focus, gobo indexing & rotation, rotating gobo wheel positioning
32-bit control: Pan/tilt

Physical / Installation
Weight: 27.9 kg(61.5 lbs.)
IP rating: IP20
Material: Aluminum, steel, plastic
Mounting points: Four quarter-turn locking points + attachment points for safety wire
Minimum distance to combustible materials: 0.5 mtr(1.64 ft.)
Minimum distance to illuminated surfaces: 15 mtr(49.2 ft.)

Dynamic effects
Pan/Tilt movement: 540˚/ 270˚
Strobe: 1-25Hz, synchronized, pulse effects
Dimmer: 0-100%, 16-bit, mechanical dimming

Operating range: 5˚F - 113˚F(-15˚C - 45˚C)
Startup range: -13˚F - 113˚F(-25˚C - 45˚C)
Storage range: -40˚F - 140˚F(-40˚C - 60˚C)
Cooling: Active fan
Humidity: ≤85%

AC power: Neutrik powerCon
DMX data input/output: Chassis 5-pin Neutrik XLR (in/out)

Certification and Safety
EMC: EN 55103-1:2009, EN 55103-2:2009, EN 61000-3-2:2006+A2:2009, EN 61000-3-3:2013
Safety: EN 60598-2-17:1989/A2:1991


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