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Image by Kilian Seiler

Aluminium ground support tower.

The design of our new TRC Series allows the towers to be installed by a single person. The hinge kit allow to raise the tower horizontally with total security.

In addition, FENIX Stage has launched for TRC towers a new safety system pioneer in the industry with patent in process, the FSH System (FENIX Security Hook), which provides optimum safety in ground support towers. It has been developed and manufactured entirely by FENIX Stage, to provide security to the tower, both in its elevation, descent and during use, preventing the sleeveblock from falling in case of cable failure.

These towers are composed of:
- FSH System (FENIX Security Hook)
- Reinforced squared truss SQRE-29 with ladder. 
- Reinforced sleeveblock suitable for truss ST-29, SQ-29, SQR-29, ST-40, SQ-40 and SQR-40 Series.
- 0,50m+2,50m+2m+2m truss sections.


  • Maximum height: 7m

    Height folded: 1,40m

    Maximum load: 600kg

    Workspace: 2,02 x 1,77m

    Closed base area: 1,00 x 0,60m

    Weight: 193kg

    Main tube: 50 x 3mm

    Secondary tube: 20 x 2mm

    Truss type: SQRE-29

    Alloy: EN-AW 6082 T6


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